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Violin Viola Cello Bass

The turn of the time and emersion of the nights and days, the emergence of the seasons, rainfall and sunshine, and finally the passage of time, create some years. The seed buried in the heart of the earth begins to grow and after the elapse of many years it becomes a mighty tree.

To form the layers and get to this point the tree leaves behind a variety of weather conditions. Tissues are formed according to the prevailing conditions. Sometimes due to favorable rainfall conditions, the distance between the rings becomes wider and at other times due to the drought and poor weather conditions, layers are formed more compact.

Seasons and years are passed one after the other and to survive the tree adapts itself with environmental factors surrounding it. Several factors are effective in the formation of the wood which is an anisotropic material. After cutting the tree, according to the role the wood will be playing then, they chop it into smaller pieces to be used.

But in creation of a musical instrument in which sound and acoustic play a fundamental role and the wood and its texture are the main media for creating the quality of the sounds, selection of a wood with uniform texture and high quality would be one of the basic pillars in the creation of various parts of the musical instrument. So this selection should be done with a great deal of accuracy.

The best method for this purpose is to use "ax method" in which the wood, selects its homogeneous tissues to be separated from other tissues. Finally, the textures will be uniform and from one period of the tree’s growth process, which would cause the creation of a unit sound.

"Soudeh Mofidi"

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